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ÿþA long long time ago, Phat Farm sneakers were nike air force 1 actually considered a hot commodity. This was way before they started being  influenced by other major brands such as Jordan and Nike. Phat Farm used to have their own style and for many kids it was considered dope. Phat Farm sneakers, Phat Farm denim and a Phat Farm tee, you d be killing it. It s safe to say, Phat Farm is not what it used to be. Believe it or not, the Nike Air Force 1 wasn t always as accessible as it is today. There was actually a time where you couldnt find a pair of any color or any size, thanks in large part to Nelly s sneaker anthem  Air Force Ones. The Nike Air Force 1 has seen its ups and downs since  82 but during that period of time in the early 2000s, it was definitely the hottest and most wanted sneaker around!

Then all of a sudden, from one day to the next, the K-Swiss was not  in anymore and was left chillin in the back drop. At least K-Swiss could say that they were once the cream of the crop for a few short years, right? I think I still got an old pair in the back of the closet, It may be time to give them a wipe down and rock them nike 97 air max just in time for Throwback Thursday. #BringBackTheSwiss Warning! Warning! Warning! This feature might get some hardcore enthusiasts angry. Many people don t like change. Some are even angry that Jordan is even retro ing old school Jordan models. But with the success of our recent articles such as: Top 20 Nike Foamposites We d Like to See and Air Jordan Colorways Sneakerheads Want to See, it was time to turn it up a notch.

Nike has such a nike air max 97 heavy influence and is on top of their game, has been for a while and will be there for time to come. Let s take a look at why though. Maybe it is just a pipe dream that will never come to pass  just like my hopes for a real sequel to Friday with Chris Tucker or a Nike Air Penny I white/royal blue retro release ( hi, Gentrey Humphrey )  but with 90s nostalgia running at an all-time high, particularly in regards to basketball culture, if LeBron ever decided to do Space Jam 2, it would be a milestone event. For years, people have been clamoring (except for irrationally myopic fans who can t let go of the past) for a superstar on the level of Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods to transcend their sport and become a  well, what do you know  global icon.

Even if the Air Max nike com 1 FB already has a pseudo-nickname of sorts and was meant to be a tribute to a soccer club, that did not stop sneakerheads from jumping on the bandwagon with this one. I guess they think white and fresh mint are parts of the Nike Air Yeezy 2  Solar Red . Don t know what that s about& When historians look back on the moment when the world of video games and sneakerheads came together, they will look at NBA 2K13 as the tipping point when the lines blurred. With the game s new Shoe Creator mode that ties into NIKEiD (for select models only so don t get your hopes up that you will be able to customize an Air Jordan XI and get it made), there will be plenty of fans that will take their devotion to the 2K series to the next level, customizing up to 45 layers within the shoe and clicking  send to confirm their purchase while in the game.

So don t underestimate the classics. All red shoes popped onto the scene a while back and became immediately popular thanks in large part to the Nike Air Yeezy 2  Red October. At first it was really cool, a unique look that could add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Now that the fad is no longer what it was once was and Kanye even said there won t be Red Yeezy Boosts, you would think we would move on to something else. But people still buy them, so companies will continue to release them. I won t lie I really do like seeing the all red kicks though just becoming slight overkill. Running shoes are not really a trend that needs to die but the hype of retro running shoes is out of hand. The Reebok Pump or the Nike Air Max 90 series is great but it isn t something completely new.

Now we re left to dissect, discuss and discover what all went down. It s an interesting event that dropped plenty of information and set the stage for what Nike has in store for the rest of the year. Think of it like an E3 press conference where the nike air max 270 big bosses of the industry (with special guest Kevin Hart because he s in everything) get on the stage and introduce new hardware and new games for the fans to salivate over. Sneakerheads might not salivate but they were sweating  especially those who got to try on the new gear  this one for sure. The Flyknit collar that we ve started to see pop up in the Nike LunarEpic and the Nike Koston 3 continues to make their way towards other departments in Nike s house slika with the Hyperdunk being the most stunning iteration yet.

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